Hi there!

Do you ever look at any product, whether it be a piece of clothing or a watch, or an

accessory, and think to yourself “Yes, but not quite…”? In 2015, we found ourselves

struggling to find the perfect phone case. There seem to be countless options out

there, but none screamed “this is IT!” for us. So why not create exactly what we had

in mind ourselves? And that was the take-off for our business.

Janis who is now the Graphic Designer and the Director of LuxuryHunters, started

producing designs for the phone cases that he had envisioned. It was a lengthy

process as we wanted to perfect these designs so that they would appeal to our

audience while offering the best quality and attention to detail.

Eliza who is the Founder and the Director of LuxuryHunters has always been

involved in the process of helping the business grow and develop. The designs of

the phone cases have ranged from rubber cases to sublimation 3D cases, to

plastic UV printed cases and to finally, producing luxury quality tempered glass

phone cases.

LuxuryHunters was born in our spare bedroom. However, recently, we proudly

opened the doors to our very own office which is based in the heart of London, the

ever-growing city of inspiration. And thanks to the location of our office, we are able

to go out to the diverse streets of Camden Town, or visit the vibrant and trendy

Notting Hill, drawing inspiration from such locations.

The technology and the approach to creating phone cases are changing rapidly,

therefore it is in our best interest to follow these trends and change with them. The

process of creating the finished product is so fulfilling which is exactly what inspires

us to create new designs and grow as a business. Our approach and quality are what

appeals to our customers, as we offer contemporary designs and are never late

hopping on the latest trend!

The focus of our business is to prioritise customer satisfaction while ensuring the

best quality and on-trend products, hence the name- LuxuryHunters. We always

strive for excellence and complete luxury.